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March 03 2015

Tour Guide and Escort Jobs and Descriptions


Jobs involving a tour guide and escort are usually jobs whose main responsibility is to escort people whether individually or by groups in the tour in various places such as establishments, tourist spots, as well as galleries or museums. These kinds of jobs usually have a number of descriptions depending on the sort of tour which is in need of a tour guide. Usually, the tours which require guides are those which can be academically related where the students are on an academic trip; others are tourists on vacations while sometimes tour guides work on cruise ships abroad to escort foreigners on their own trip. A usual area of the job description for this particular job is being responsible for the safety and behavior of those in their tour.

It is also a usual prerequisite for guides right now to be trained when it comes to first aid and safety procedures thus a usual job description demands people with the knowledge on these things. As mentioned, the job description depends on the kind of tour which wants a guide and another requirement for such tours has the knowledge about the tour or the site so that whenever folks have questions, he will be in a position to answer them. It is also essential for the guide to know some languages which will help him speak to his clients particularly if the tourists are actually foreigners. The tourist guide's job starts with greeting the group of men and women and telling them the details of the schedule for the day. It is also the guide's responsibility to ensure that they are on time so that you can cover all the activities which can be set for that particular day. ESCORTS SOUTHAMPTON
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